“I'm a beginning storyteller, but you provide a cushion of wisdom and compassion that allows anyone's creative genius to peer through the curtains of fear.”

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Growing Your Business: A Soulful Journey for Women

with Jo Anne Smith and Evangeline Welch



Jo Anne Smith: jsmith@intuitiveleaps.com, 415-383-9544
Evangeline Welch: ewelch@intuitiveleaps.com, 415-506-4020

The Power of Personal Storytelling Workshop

with Jo Anne Smith, David Roche and Terri Tate

  • Express your natural creativity in a safe, supportive small group
  • Experience the healing power of telling your stories and really being heard
  • Explore the wide range of your stories, or
  • Craft a story for pleasure, presentation or performance
  • Enjoy the warmth of shared community

We bring our experience as performers and storytelling coaches to this playful, powerful program as we guide you to tap into your wealth of stories and show you how to share them with ease. Each group includes participants with a range of experience - from beginners with stage fright to professional performers and storytellers.

And don't worry about bringing a polished story. Some people come with ideas about what they might tell, and others just show up with an open heart and see what arises in the moment. Some tell and re-tell the same story, and others find a fresh story each turn.

9:30 am – 5 pm • Mill Valley, CA
$160 (fee includes individual video if desired)
Class size is limited

Contact one of the facilitators to register or for more information:

Jo Anne Smith  •   415-383-9544
Jo Anne tells stories, produces and directs storytelling showcases and solo shows, and hosts a popular performance salon. An experienced facilitator, she combines a gift for helping people relax into their public presence with a keen ability to identify the essence of a story.

David Roche   •   415-686-9347
David has told his stories across the U.S. and around the world, including at the (Clinton) White House, the Sydney Olympics Arts Festival and the Moscow Film Festival. He has coached and directed for many years, and is a master at the art of finding and enhancing the universal appeal in a personal story. www.davidroche.com

Terri Tate   •   415-331-5443
Terri is a nationally recognized speaker and inspirational humorist. Audiences describe her performances as "hilarious, original and highly entertaining." Trained as a therapist, she is skilled at creating an environment in which the best in people emerges. www.territate.com


Inner Journey Seminar: Awaken into Passion, Purpose and Presence



A residential workshop in San Rafael, CA
Facilitated by Michael Schiesser, Neelama Eyres and Evangeline Welch

Tuition: $595
Food and Lodging: $300
Total Fee: $895

Very few places exist on this earth where one can tangibly AWAKEN into freedom, passion, power, purpose, deep connection and inner peace. The Inner Journey Seminar is one such place.

A three-and-a-half day residential workshop, the Inner Journey is a brilliant masterpiece that weaves together the greatest gifts of psychology and spirituality . . . taking participants on a rich and impactful journey within themselves.

This powerful program is a chance to bring awareness and healing to the veils that block our authentic essence. For some, it is an opportunity to tangibly connect with Divine Presence. For all, it is a chance to experience a newfound connection with self and others.

To learn more, please contact Evangeline at 415-506-4020.


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