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“A problem creative people often encounter is how to bring their vision to the wider world. In this light, Intuitive Leaps can be a godsend. One thing that makes working with Evangeline and Jo Anne so rewarding is that they are visionaries in their own right. They will 'get you' and then have wonderful ideas, technologies and dedication in the art of translating what you're about so that other people can 'get it' too. I received my first new client within 30 minutes of launching my new website. I feel grateful for their help, applaud their integrity and couldn't recommend them more highly."

Therapist, poet, writer
Earthgrid client

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Let us build it with Earthgrid

Earthgrid Integrated Hosting includes everything you need in a single affordable package – an elegant and easy-to-use website builder, compete web hosting services, and a simple, intuitive content management system all in one.

  • State-of-the-art development and content editing tools
  • Template-based system that offers many stunning designs to choose from
  • Rich with built-in features such as forms, blog, forum, gallery, etc.
  • Monthly, semi-annual or annual pricing options for a full-featured website that includes hosting ($40 per month, $199 for six months or $360 per year)

This innovative tool saves you time and money in both the development and ongoing maintenance of your new website:

  • Fast, easy and customizable during development
    • Starting with one of Earthgrid's templates, we can tailor the site to create a look and feel that expresses the essence of your business without the expense of a custom website
  • Simple, intuitive tool that allow you to maintain the site yourself
    • Earthgrid includes an easy-to-learn and easy-to-use editing tool, much like a word processing program, so you can update the content of your website as your business grows and evolves over time.

Here are a couple of websites we've developed using Earthgrid:

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